We Are Back

from Uganda to Zambia


I wanted to send a quick update on our trip to Uganda. As you know, it was a shorter trip than originally planned, and instead of taking a team and our boys, the two of us went to Okoa Refuge. Our trip lasted for a week… but was power-packed.

Our focus was to minister to the staff and children of Okoa. The first night we spent some time with the kids after school and began teaching them three confessions: “I am special. God loves me. I have a good future.” Every day we would have them say it over and over again, and then teach them different Bible teachings about the Lord to accompany each saying. They were yelling it at the top of their lungs by the end of the weekend.

Everyday we had classes for the kids, which included dance, art, music and a message! On the Saturday about 50 kids from the village joined in with the Okoa kids. They sang songs, danced their hearts out, developed their own piece of art… and even ate grasshoppers!

We were also the special guests for their weekly Sunday school! This worship was led by a Ugandan named Paul and we taught the kids about prayer. Jeremiah and I were so encouraged by that particular morning because Paul brought them past the fun and the praise (which they always enjoy) to a deeper place of more intimate worship… in their own language! To end the service, we divided the kids into groups where they prayed for each other… and us. It was beautiful watching them talk to the Lord for themselves.

We also held two services in the afternoons for the staff of Okoa. We do these every year and they are always such a wonderful time to encourage and pour out the love of God on all of them.

This time, we also had a great opportunity to meet individually with the key leaders of Okoa: encouraging them and spending time praying over them. It was so precious just to be able to give them that personal attention and ministry.



Now we are home, kicking the jet lag, and preparing to leave for Zambia a week from Tuesday! Our boys, and a team of three young women will be accompanying us this time. We will be teaching in Overland Missions’ Advanced Missions Training school and will be leading worship for their special “guest ministers” night time services.

We are also doing a very large LOVE Project event in an area called Mukuni. There is a school there in the bush that is allowing us to use their primary and secondary school buildings. We will teach approximately 500 students art in those schools every day, while another 500 students are outdoors learning dance! It’s a huge undertaking for a week, with a final performance outreach done by the students to people from all the surrounding villages. We are all so excited. Please keep us in your prayers!! We are believing for amazing things as we share the Gospel with many of the families in the region!

We still need $1,545 toward our trip, if you can help with this in any way there is a link below! Thank you so much for all that you all do through your love and support. We could not do any of this without you!

Jeremiah and Courtenay Bowser

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