Our mission is the creative communication of this message:
“Passionate relationship with Jesus Christ combined with fearless pursuit of God-given
purpose changes the world.”


No matter where we are, the moment we open our mouths to worship, the Lord hears. When the sound released is one that pleases His heart, He responds with His presence; touching our hearts and changing the atmosphere. 




The LOVE Project is an outreach program of Ignition Point Ministries
that goes into at-risk communities, around the world, using the arts and the power of worship to share the love of Jesus.

Upcoming Events


August  12-13:  IMOSP. São Paulo, Brazil
August  14:  Som do Reino. Brazil
August  20:  New Life Christian Fellowship. Lake City, FL. 10am
August  20:  Refresh. River City Church. Jacksonville, FL. 6pm
August  27:  New Life Christian Fellowship. Jacksonville, FL. 10am
August  27-31:  Senegal *


September 1-8:  Senegal *
September 6: Worship night. The Bridge FWC. Yulee, FL
September 17: River City Church. Jacksonville, FL
September 20:  Women’s Meeting. Redeemer Church, Ponte Vedra FL. *


October 4: Worship night. The Bridge FWC. Yulee, FL
October 9-18:  Overland Missions Asia Revival Week. Cambodia
October 20-22:  Beaches Chapel Women’s Retreat *


November 1: Worship night. The Bridge FWC. Yulee, FL
November 3-5: Revival Church for the Nations. Fall River, MA.
November 10-12:  Revival Church Conference. Essen, Germany
November 13-16:  Brest, France
November 26:  The Bridge FWC. Yulee, FL.


December 9-11:  Fortaleza, Brazil



 * = Courtenay only

Our Team

Jeremiah Bowser

Jeremiah Bowser is a songwriter, missionary, worship leader, speaker and founder of Ignition Point Ministries.
For the last 20 years, Jeremiah has traveled extensively throughout Brazil and almost 40 other nations, leading worship and preaching in churches, conferences and outreaches in villages, stadiums and everywhere in between.
Why? Jeremiah has a passion to see people empowered to live to their fullest potential and believes that is made possible when people encounter the life-changing love of Jesus and sincerely connect with Him in worship.
This desire, shared by Jeremiah and his wife Courtenay, brought the birth of  Ignition Point Ministries, in which they travel around the globe spreading the message that passionate relationship with Jesus Christ, combined with fearless pursuit of God-given purpose, changes the world!
Jeremiah has also written, performed and produced five solo albums and was a part of a series of live worship projects entitled “Sound of Rain Live”, which were recorded at large worship conferences in Brazil.
Jeremiah, Courtenay and their sons Jed and Elijah, currently live in Jacksonville, FL.

Courtenay Bowser

Courtenay Bowser and her husband, Jeremiah, are the founders of Ignition Point Ministries. They believe that passionate relationship with Jesus Christ, combined with fearless pursuit of God-given purpose, changes the world! It is their mission to share this message throughout the world, whether in the largest cities or the most remote villages, through preaching, worship leading, and the arts.
Courtenay directs the Love Project, the arts branch of Ignition Point Ministries. Through the Love Project, focused primarily on children and women in at-risk situations, Courtenay and Jeremiah continue to use the performance and teaching of the arts to share the love of Jesus.
Courtenay also uses her book series, called Beautiful”, and the on-line “Beautiful Community” to inspire women all over the world toward freedom and truly living beautifully!
Courtenay has also appeared as co-host of the reality television shows “Ultimate Choice, Real Girls, Real Life, and Dream Quest,” – all focused on empowering young people.
In her early days, at the young age of 19, Courtenay founded Shoshannah Arts, a Christian arts center and international arts outreach ministry.  For nine years she served as its Executive and Artistic Director.
Her most significant purposes however, are her roles as wife to Jeremiah and mother to her two boys, Jed and Elijah!

Contact Us

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