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Courtenay Bowser

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Jeremiah Bowser is a songwriter and missionary worship leader from Jacksonville, Florida.

Through the years, Jeremiah has written, performed and produced five solo albums entitled, “With Me Always”, “Come Alive”, “Changing Everything”, “Don’t Go Away” and “Stole My Heart”, which are all collections of original modern worship songs. He has also written, produced, and performed many songs as a part of a series of live worship projects entitled “Sound of Rain Live”, which were recorded at large worship conferences in Brazil.

His unique worship leading ability and message have allowed Jeremiah to be a part of many different worship conferences and events all over the world. Through these experiences, he has developed a passion to see his and other generations, all over the world, undergo a sincere and real change – a movement towards God – an awakening.

This desire, shared by Jeremiah and his wife Courtenay, brought the birth of  Ignition Point Ministries, in which they travel around the world, speaking and leading worship in churches, conferences and missions.

Jeremiah, Courtenay and their sons Jed and Elijah, currently live in Jacksonville, Florida and attend New Life Christian Fellowship Church.

Courtenay Bowser and her husband, Jeremiah, are the founders of Ignition Point Ministries. Their mission is to share the love of Jesus Christ throughout the world through passionate worship, preaching and the arts.  Their message of hope and fulfillment of individual destiny is igniting an intense pursuit of God in this generation and those to come.  Courtenay and Jeremiah have a burning desire to help bring people all over the world to God’s ignition point in their lives – a place where passion meets purpose.

At the age of 19, Courtenay founded Shoshannah Arts, a Christian arts center and international arts outreach ministry.  For nine years she served as its Executive and Artistic Director.  During that time, she led outreach teams representing Shoshannah Arts in artistic performance ministry in the nations of Brazil, Belize, Scotland and the island of Montserrat. (In 2007, Courtenay and Jeremiah closed the arts center in order to more purposefully pursue what they felt God was calling them to in the nations.)

For five seasons, Courtenay appeared as Co-Host on “Ultimate Choice”, a nationally syndicated reality adventure show for young people, produced by Empowerment Media. Later, Courtenay and Jeremiah were Associate Producers of and Courtenay hosted Empowerment Media’s syndicated reality show, “Real Girls, Real Life”. “Real Girls” encourages and teaches young women how to live their lives beautifully and graciously in both daily situations and during the many issues females face today. Most recently Courtenay was a co-host on the series “Dream Quest” – a reality show encouraging young people to live lives of purpose!

Presently, Courtenay and Jeremiah are focused on carrying their message of passion and purpose throughout the world. Courtenay preaches and teaches to audiences of all ages and genders, whether in urban cities or remote villages. She also directs the Love Project, the arts branch of Ignition Point Ministries. Through the Love Project, Courtenay and Jeremiah continue to use the performance and teaching of the arts as a vehicle to take the gospel places it might not easily go on its own.

Courtenay and Jeremiah have two precious sons, Jedidiah and Elijah, who also join them in their travels whenever possible.