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(June 28 – July 9, 2018)

When I was a teenager, I made two trips to the country of Belarus and two trips to Russia. More than 20 years later, I have an opportunity to visit the region again… this time to Lithuania!
At the end of June, I will team up with All Saints Episcopal Church (Lakeland, FL) and make the long trip to the city of Anyksciai, Lithuania where great doors have opened! Along with making some great relationships for possible future LOVE Project events, the team and I are planning to minister three times in a women’s prison as well as hold revival meetings with some hungry churches in the area. It will be a week of worship, preaching and ministry in a country desperately needing a move of God!
Please consider partnering with us in this first trip to Lithuania!
Fundraising Goal: $3,500 / Still needed: $2,140


(March/July, 2018)

After more than 60 trips to Brazil, we are still going strong!
At the end of March, Courtenay and I will travel to the city of Paraty in the state of Rio De Janeiro! This city, originally settled by the Portuguese in 1667, was built by slaves and was an important port for the export of gold to Europe. From its settlement, Paraty was also the mid-point for travel between Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo until the late 1800s. Since that time, its importance has been largely diminished and its city nearly forgotten… BUT NOT BY THE LORD!
There is a great church in that city… “Projeto Vida”… full of life and the spirit of God! Jeremiah has traveled to Paraty on numerous occasions, participating in conferences and encouraging this church.  Now, we will go again!  For a few days during Brazil’s “Holy Week”, Jeremiah and Courtenay will go preaching and leading worship and again bringing encouragement to the believers in that city!
In July, we are going back to Recife, in response to an invitation extended by our friends at Shores Of Grace, to be part of a month-long school of the arts! Last year, many of the young people considered to be some of the most influential culture shapers of Brazil’s young generation were gathered at this school, learning how they can use the marriage of the arts, culture and ministry to win their nation for the Lord! This year, we will have the opportunity to pour our hearts into this group of young artists and culture shapers, share from our experiences using the arts in the nations, lead them in worship and minister alongside them in the streets of Recife! It is a valuable opportunity to impart something strong that will be quickly multiplied throughout Brazil’s next generation!
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Fundraising Goal: $9,000 / Still needed: $7,720


(Feb 27 – March 5, 2018)

We have a dear friend, Mark Shubert, who recently traded his large ministry in Brazil to follow the leading of the Lord to Germany – a country that is the total opposite of Brazil in every way. But, as God often does, one of the first pastors he connected with upon arriving was a Brazilian pastor with a church hungry for the move of God!
Not long ago, Mark mentioned that Courtenay and I are his friends and the pastor’s face lit up! “Do you think Jeremiah would ever come here? To our church?!” Courtenay and I have been believing for doors to open in Europe, so we quickly gave the pastor our YES! He responded, “WOW! I’ve prayed for this for years! 😭😭😭”
The pastor told us that the time we planned to come falls during a strategic time when he is trying to, “Light a fresh fire in the church and push them farther!” I told him that is exactly what Ignition Point Ministries does!! So we will travel to the cities of Essen and Wesel to join with our friend Mark to light a spiritual fire in Germany!
We know God opens the doors… and He provides!
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Fundraising Goal: $4,000 / Still needed: $3,260


(December, 2018)

We are taking The LOVE Project back to Uganda!
Since 2011, we have made at least one trip every year to minister to the kids and staff of Okoa Refuge and to the people in the areas near Masaka, Uganda. This year we will hold our third LOVE Project event… but our first during the CHRISTMAS season! We, along with a small team of arts teachers, will spend a week training the kids at the Okoa Refuge orphanage in dance, drama, visual art and music… teaching them to use their gifts and talents to reach the world. The week will culminate in an outreach performance… performed by the kids… for their very own community!
For last year’s LOVE Project event in the village, nearly 400 adults and children crowded in to the village church to watch the performance and hear the Gospel preached by their own young people! This year our hope is that an even greater number will show up and that even more hearts will be introduced to the love of God! We will also spend a few days worshiping with, encouraging and ministering to the Ugandan staff of Okoa Refuge. These sweet people have given their lives to insure that the orphan kids they serve will grow up to be upstanding men and women, future leaders and capable ministers of the Gospel.
The culture of corruption is giving way to the culture of the Kingdom! Be a part of sending us back to Uganda this Christmas:
Fundraising Goal: $7,500 / Still needed: $7,212
Lithuania 39%
Uganda 04%
Germany 19%
Brazil 14%
In just the last 2 years, we have embarked on 25 international ministry trips, while only raising funds for a small portion of these missions. Leaving the footprints we are able to in the nations wouldn’t be possible without our monthly partners!
Faithful monthly support allows us to consistently carry our message into all the world!
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