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(August 29 – September 8, 2017)

Jeremiah is headed back to Zambia!
For the last number of years, we have made at least one trip every year to minister to the missionaries who are being trained as a part of Overland Missions’ “Advanced Missions Training” program in Livingston, Zambia! However, during the last few years, the experience has expanded to include our Love Project Outreach and participation in a week of revival meetings for the staff, locals and even some of the most influential tribal leaders in Africa!
This year, Jeremiah will again lead worship for the revival week – which is set to include a number of influential Zambian tribal and political leaders! Imagine, political leaders representing Zambia and missionaries representing THE KINGDOM worshiping and seeking the Lord together. He will also have the chance to speak into the lives of the younger generation of missionaries who are being trained to reach the world! What a great investment of time!
Be a part of sending us to again leave our missionary footprints in the dust of Zambia:
Fundraising Goal: $2,250 / Still needed: $1,400


(August, 2017)

The Lord continues to open doors for us in a nation that almost feels like a second home to us: Brazil.
Among the many trips we have planned there this year, this one stand out! For one week this summer, Courtenay will trade the conferences and church stages to travel to the northeast of Brazil and, in partnership with New Life (our home church) and our great friends at Shores of Grace, outreach to some of the most desperate people in the city of Recife. We will use the arts, worship and good old-fashioned street evangelism to reach the people who are caught in the seemingly hopeless cycles of addiction, prostitution and poverty.
Jeremiah was just with Shores of Grace in January… and the testimonies of what the Lord is doing on the streets of that city are so exciting! We are honored to again have a presence in the streets, carry the love of Jesus and speak LIFE to the dead, HOPE to the forgotten, and FREEDOM to the captives!
The week before Courtenay’s trip, Jeremiah will also be heading to the opposite end of Brazil… the southern city of Curitiba to be a part of a worship conference and to participate in a city-wide worship night in the city’s soccer stadium!
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Fundraising Goal: $4,000 / Still needed: $2,350


(May 4-15, 2017)

We are taking The LOVE Project back to Uganda!
Since 2011, we have made at least one trip every year to minister to the kids and staff of Okoa Refuge and to the people in the areas near Masaka, Uganda. This year we will hold our second LOVE Project event. We, along with a small team of arts teachers, will spend a week training the kids at the Okoa Refuge orphanage in dance, drama, visual art and music… teaching them to use their gifts and talents to reach the world. The week will culminate in an outreach performance… performed by the kids… for their very own community!
The last time we held a LOVE Project event in the village, we hoped for 50 people to show up… and more than 200 crowded in to the village church to watch the performance and hear the Gospel preached by their own young people! This year our hope is that an even greater number will show up and that even more hearts will be introduced to the love of God! We will also spend a few days worshiping with, encouraging and ministering to the Ugandan staff of Okoa Refuge. These sweet people have given their lives to insure that the orphan kids they serve will grow up to be upstanding men and women, future leaders and capable ministers of the Gospel.
The culture of corruption is giving way to the culture of the Kingdom! Be a part of sending us back to Uganda:
Fundraising Goal: $6,500 / Still needed: $1,345

Portugal / France:

(April 5-14, 2017)

After many years away, we have been praying for the doors to open up again for us in Europe. Over the last 2 or 3 years, they have begun to crack! Last year, Jeremiah was a part of a worship conference at a church in Lisbon, Portugal… which is so cool because he could lead all of the worship in Portuguese! This year, we will go back to that conference… and then we will embark on another adventure.
In high school and college we both studied the French language… visited France on missions trips many years ago… and have always had a heart for that nation. Since the recent string of terror attacks and the huge influx of refugees entering Europe, our hearts have been burning to go back! A few weeks ago, a friend of ours told us of an 80 year old Pastor and his wife who have a small church of mostly immigrants in the northwestern Brittany region of France. She told us that they hardly ever receive missionaries or ministry friends because it is so far away from the touristy areas of France. He reportedly hasn’t taken a salary from the church in 10 years so they could save the money to buy a building! We LOVED that story… and felt the Lord was leading us to go to them. So, after Portugal, we will make the trip to meet this amazing Pastor… bless him and his wife… and hopefully make plans for future ministry in their region!
The doors are opening… and we are walking through! Be a part of sending us to Portugal and France:
Fundraising Goal: $3,000 / Still needed: $0
Zambia 38%
Brazil 41%

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